E-200 is a full-fledged phono equalizer amplifier with a compact chassis as small as B4 size in which an MC step-up transformer with gain selection device is integrated. A high level of S/N ratio has been achieved by introducing the NF equalizer method for the circuit system to obtain a high level of sound quality equivalent to high grade models. This model is designed in consideration of user-friendliness such as placing the articulator switch with the demagnetization function that accustoms the cartridge with sound signal current to be reproduced, monaural switch useful for various types of reproducing environments, and low cut switch on the front panel.

Luxman e-200
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Tekniset tiedot
TyyppiNF ekvalisaattori MC step-up muuntajalla
SisääntuloherkkyysMM: 4mV, MC high: 0.4mV, MC low: 0.18mV
SisääntuloimpedanssiMM: 47kΩ, MC high: 40Ω, MC low: 2.5Ω
Ulkomitat (L x K x S)364 x 84 x 257 mm (pl. terminaalit ja potikat)
Suositushinta1900 €