We are pleased to announce the hoped-for debut of the 600 series as a new member of the separate amplifiers starting from the 1000 series that is a memorial model for 80th anniversary of our foundation. C-600f is equipped with 2 pieces of "LECUA1000-WM", the integral system in which the innovative feedback circuit, ODNF version 2.4, and the sound volume attenuator are directly connected in the full mono-block type as the same as its upper model, C-800f. Especially because C-600f is placed in the pre-section where tiny sound signals are processed, we have selected a method that causes the least deterioration in sound quality. All of the various functions suited for the system control center such as phase switching of tone control and balance input/output and selection of balance/unbalance output can be viewed on an FL display with a high level of visibility and operated in a centralized manner with a dedicated remote control.

Luxman c-600fLuxman c-600fLuxman c-600fLuxman c-600f
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Tekniset tiedot
Sisääntuloherkkyys/-impedanssibalansoimaton / 300mV / 47.5kΩ,
balansoitu / 300mV / 67.5kΩ
Ulostulo / ulostuloimpedanssibalansoimaton / rating 1V / 564Ω max. 5.8V,
balansoitu / rating 1V / 600Ω max. 6.2V
THDbalansoimaton / 0.009% (20Hz-20kHz),
balansoitu / 0.018% (20Hz-20kHz),
Taajuusvaste20Hz-20kHz (+0, -0.1dB),
5Hz-116kHz (+0, -3.0dB)
S/N suhdebalansoimaton / 123dB (IHF-A),
balansoitu / 120dB (IHF-A)
2.3W (valmiustilassa)
Ulkomitat (L x K x S)440 x 117 x 407 mm
Suositushinta7900 €