The D-38u is an exclusive CD player that incorporates the modern digital circuits and analog technologies proved in the D Series. The D-38u is mounted in a square wooden case that may remind audiophiles of our past products, like the case with the vacuum tube integrated SQ-38u amplifier. The number 38, which symbolizes our best products, is given to this first CD player in the series. To realize acoustic expression that is refined and warm to listeners, semiconductor output based on high quality DAC and cathode follower-type vacuum output using vacuum tube ECC82 can be selected. The headphone output terminals and a remote control that covers all operations enable the listener to conveniently.

Luxman d-38uLuxman d-38uLuxman d-38uLuxman d-38u
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Tekniset tiedot
Tuetut mediatCD
Analogiset linjaulostulot1 x balansoimaton (RCA)
Digitaaliset ulostulotkoaksiaali/optinen (TOSLINK)
0.1W valmiustilassa
Ulkomitat (L x K x S)400 x 168 x 280 mm
(ilman terminaaleja ja potikoita)
Suositushinta3400 €