The D-06 is an SACD/CD player exclusively for two-channel units, incorporating innovative audio and digital technologies as well as new that would later be adopted in the flagship D-08 model. The D-06’s analog circuits have given birth to new life for acoustic sources, including many innovative units such as the original LxD TM drive mechanism featuring high-precision reading ability while producing both high rigidity and quietude, high-sound-quality DAC with a surprisingly wide dynamic range of up to 132 dB like the D-08, digital circuits adopting the PCM1792A in a dual monaural composition, a power transformer exclusive for audio circuits, and a fully balanced, high-sound-quality buffer circuit.

Luxman d-06Luxman d-06Luxman d-06Luxman d-06
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Tekniset tiedot
Tuetut mediat2-kanavainen SACD, CD
Analogiset linjaulostulot1 x balansoimaton (RCA),
1 x balansoitu (XLR)
Digitaaliset ulostulokoaksiaali/optinen (TOSLINK)
Digitaalinen sisääntulokoaksiaali/optinen (TOSLINK)
Ulostulotasobalansoimaton 2.5V/ 300Ω,
balansoitu 2.5V/600Ω
TaajuusvasteCD 5Hz–20kHz (–3.0dB) ,
SACD 5Hz–50kHz (–3.0dB)
THD0.0014% (CD),
0.0017% (SACD/DCD),
0.0007% (SACD/PCM)
S/N suhde124dB (CD),
104dB (SACD/DSD),
1W (valmiustilassa)
Ulkomitat (L x K x S)440 x 133 x 410 mm
(ilman terminaaleja ja potikoita)
Suositushinta7900 €