The D-05 is a high-grade D Series CD player designed to produce a quiet sound field and reproduce acute sound. The D-05 was developed by applying the know-how and technologies acquired while developing the D Series with the original LxD TM drive mechanism, digital circuits with higher model specifications equipped with high sound quality DAC of surprising dynamic range, and analog circuits supported by the know-how to produce amplifiers.

Luxman d-05Luxman d-05Luxman d-05Luxman d-05
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Tekniset tiedot
Tuetut mediat2-kanavainen SACD, CD
Analogiset linjaulostulot1 x balansoimaton (RCA),
1 x balansoitu (XLR)
Digitaaliset ulostulokoaksiaali/optinen (TOSLINK)
Digitaalinen sisääntulokoaksiaali/optinen (TOSLINK)
Ulostulotasobalansoimaton 2.5V/ 300Ω,
balansoitu 2.5V/600Ω
TaajuusvasteCD 5Hz–20kHz (–3.0dB) ,
SACD 5Hz–50kHz (–3.0dB)
THD0.0014% (CD),
0.0017% (SACD)
S/N suhde120dB (CD) ,
104dB (SACD)
1W (valmiustilassa)
Ulkomitat (L x K x S)440 x 133 x 410 mm
(ilman terminaaleja ja potikoita)
Suositushinta4900 €